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*En hemeroteca, SIBE-San Cristóbal
Contrasting palm species and use diversity in the Yucatan Peninsula and the Ecuadorian Amazon
Torre, Lucía de la ; Calvo Irabien, Luz María (coaut.) ; Salazar, Carmen (coaut.) ; Balslev, Henrik (coaut.) ;
Contenido en: Biodiversity and Conservation Vol. 18, no. 11 (Octubre de 2009) ISSN: 0960-3115
Bibliotecas: San Cristóbal
SIBE San Cristóbal
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Nota: En hemeroteca, SIBE-San Cristóbal
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We analyze the relationship between palm species diversity and diversity of palm use in two areas (Amazonian Ecuador; Yucatan Peninsula) of equivalent size but with contrasting characteristics in palm species diversity and morphology, and in the phylogenetic composition of palm flora. The areas also differ in their cultural and socioeconomic contexts. Palm use diversity is significantly higher in the Ecuadorian Amazon than in the Yucatan Peninsula and the lower species diversity of palms in the Yucatan Peninsula is not matched by a more intensive use of the fewer species found there. The taxonomic composition of the palm flora is a poor predictor of extent of use and morphological characteristics of palm species affect usefulness only in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The Yucatecans’ more limited reliance on forest products might explain the observed patterns. Ornamental palm use is an indicator of a general change in plant use patterns associated with tourism and macro-economic development in the Yucatan Peninsula. We find a positive relationship between ecosystem plant diversity and plant use diversity, but socioeconomic factors such as market integration strongly influence the use of local biodiversity. Palms represent a diverse and important natural resource that deserves further investigation to secure its sustainable management and conservation in the two studied sites, regardless of their degree of market integration.