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Conservation biology: voices from the tropics / edited by Navjot S. Sodhi, Luke Gibson, Peter H. Raven
Sodhi, Navjot S. (ed.) ; Gibson, Luke (coed.) ; Raven, Peter H. (coed.) ;
Chichester, West Sussex, UK : Wiley Blackwell , 2013
Clasificación: 333.9516 / C64
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The late Navjot Sodhi conceived this book as a way of bringing to the forefront of our conservation planning for the tropics the views of people who were actually working and living there. In its 31 chapters, 55 authors present their views on the conservation problems they face and how they deal with them. Effective long term conservation in the tropics requires the full participation of local people, organizations and governments. The human population of tropical countries is expected to grow by more than 2.5 billion people over the next several decades, with expectations of increased consumption levels growing even more rapidly than population levels; clearly there will be a need for more trained conservationists and biologists. Significant levels of local involvement are essential to conservation success, with the rights of local people fully recognized, protected and fostered by governmental and international assistance. Overarching conservation plans are necessary, but cannot in themselves lead to success. The individual experiences presented in the pages of this book will provide useful models that may serve to build better and more sustainable lives for the people who live in the tropics and lead to the continued survival of as many species and functioning ecosystems as possible.


List of Contributors
Notes on Contributors
Remembering Navjot Sodhi: An Inspiring Mentor, Scholar, and Friend
1 Introduction: Giving a Voice to the Tropics
Part 1: From Within the Region
Section 1: Africa
2 Conservation Paradigms Seen Through the Eyes of Bonobos in the Democratic Republic of Congo
3 Governance for Effective and Efficient Conservation in Ethiopia
4 Wildlife in Jeopardy Inside and Outside Protected Areas in Côte D’ivoire: the Combined Effects of Disorganization, Lack of Awareness, and Institutional Weakness
5 Conservation Challenges for Madagascar in the Next Decade
6 Conservation in Mauritius and Rodrigues: Challenges and Achievements From Two Ecologically Devastated Oceanic Islands
7 Design and Outcomes of Community Forest Conservation Initiatives in Cross River State of Nigeria: A Foundation for Redd+?
8 Shades of Green: Conservation in the Developing Environment of Tanzania
9 Sustainable Conservation: Time for Africa to Rethink the Foundation
Section 2: Americas
10 Challenges and Opportunities for Bridging the Research–Implementation Gap in Ecological Science and Management in Brazil
11 Conserving Biodiversity in a Complex Biological and Social Setting: the Case of Colombia
12 Indigenous Rights, Conservation, and Climate Change Strategies in Guyana
13 Challenges and Opportunities for Conservation of Mexican Biodiversity
14 Paraguay’s Challenge of Conserving Natural Habitats and Biodiversity With Global Markets Demanding for Products
Section 3: Asia
15 Land-Use Change and Conservation Challenges in the Indian Himalaya: Past, Present, and Future
16 Conservation Challenges in Indonesia
17 Singapore: Half Full or Half Empty?
18 Want to Avert Extinctions in Sri Lanka? Empower the Citizenry!
19 Conservation of Hornbills in Thailand

Section 4: Oceania
20 Tipping Points and the Vulnerability of Australia’s Tropical Ecosystems
21 Biodiversity and Conservation in the Pacific Islands: Why Are we Not Succeeding?
22 When Worlds Collide: Challenges and Opportunities for Conservation of Biodiversity in the Hawaiian Islands
23 the Chimera of Conservation in Papua New Guinea and the Challenge of Changing Trajectories
Part 2 Thoughts From Diaspora
24 Complex Forces Affect China’s Biodiversity
25 Governance and Conservation in the Tropical Developing World
26 Knowledge, Institutions, and Human Resources for Conservation of Biodiversity
27 People, Plants and Pollinators: Uniting Conservation, Food Security, and Sustainable Agriculture in East Africa
28 Balancing Societies’ Priorities: A Science-Based Approach to Sustainable Development in the Tropics
29 Biodiversity Conservation Performance of Sustainable-Use Tropical Forest Reserves
30 Concluding Remarks: Lessons From the Tropics

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Biology of plants 6.0 / Peter H. Raven, Ray F. Evert, Susan E. Eichhorn
Raven, Peter H. ; Evert, Ray F. (coaut.) ; Eichhorn, Susan E. (coaut.) ;
s.l. : W. H. Freeman , 1999
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Nature and human society: the quest for a sustainable world / Peter H. Raven, editor
National Forum on Biodiversity (2nd : 1997 : Washington, District of Columbia, United States) ; Raven, Peter H. (ed.) ; Williams, Tania (coed.) ;
Washington, District of Columbia, United States : National Academy , 1997
Clasificación: 574.5248 / N3
Bibliotecas: San Cristóbal
SIBE San Cristóbal
SAA007602 (Prestado)
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Biología vegetal / Peter H. Raven, Helena Curtis
Raven, Peter H. ; Curtis, Helena ;
Barcelona, España : Omega , 1975
Clasificación: 581 / R38
Bibliotecas: Tapachula
SIBE Tapachula
ECO020001540 (Disponible)
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Coevolution of animals and plants / Congress of systematic and evolutionary biology ; edited by Lawrence E. Gilbert and Peter H. Raven
Congress of systematic and evolutionary biology (1973) ; Gilbert, Lawrence E. (ed.) ; Raven, Peter H. (coed.) ;
Austin, Texas : University of Texas , 1975
Clasificación: 575 / C64
Bibliotecas: San Cristóbal
SIBE San Cristóbal
SAA002140 (Disponible)
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Principles of tzeltal plant classification: an introduction to the botanical ethnography of maya speaking people of highland Chiapas / Brent Berlín; Dennis E. Breedlove; Peter H. Raven
Berlin, Brent ; Raven, Peter H. ; Breedlove, Dennis E. ;
New York : Academic , 1974
Clasificación: CH/306.467275 / B4/3 pt.
Bibliotecas: San Cristóbal
SIBE San Cristóbal
SFA000064 (Disponible) , SFA000063 (Disponible) , SFA000062 (Disponible)
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