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In Mexico, natural populations of the Opossum pipefish, Microphys brachyurus, are under pressure by anthropogenic alteration of their habitat and unregulated fishing as this species is traded as an aquarium fish, where its survival is low due to inadequate culture practices. The development of culturing techniques has been a successful strategy to protect many exploited species through providing an alternative source to wild exploitation. The aim of this study was to examine the effect on growth, condition, and survival of pipefish cultured for 6 wk at temperatures of 26, 28, and 30 C. Pipefish were fed enriched Artemia nauplii maintaining a ration rate of 14% body weight per day (dry weight Artemia : wet weight fish). The pipefish cultured at 26 and 28 C were longer, heavier, grew faster, and presented better condition than those at 30 C. The survival of pipefish cultured at 26 C was greater (83%) than at 30 C (30%) but not different than at 28 C (50%). This study is the first to report the acceptance of Artemia nauplii by juveniles of the species and that a temperature of 30 C is not suitable for juvenile M. brachyurus culture.