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Right on track? Performance of satellite telemetry in terrestrial wildlife research
Hofman, Maarten P.G. (autor) ; Hayward, Matt W. (autor) ; Heim, M. (coaut.) ; Marchand, Pascal (autor) ; Rolandsen, Christer Moe (autor) ; Mattisson, Jenny (coaut.) ; Urbano, Ferdinando (autor) ; Heurich, Marco (autor) ; Mysterud, Atle (coaut.) ; Melzheimer, Jörg (autor) ; Morellet, Nicolas (autor) ; Voigt, Ulrich (autor) ; Allen, Benjamin L. (autor) ; Gehr, Benedikt (autor) ; Rouco, Carlos (autor) ; Ullmann, Wiebke (autor) ; Holand, Øystein (autor) ; Jørgensen, Nicolai H. (autor) ; Steinheim, Geir (autor) ; Cagnacci, Francesca (autora) ; Kroeschel, Max (autor) ; Kaczensky, Petra (autora) ; Buuveibaatar, Bayarbaatar (coaut.) ; Payne, John C. (autor) ; Palmegiani, I. (coaut.) ; Jerina, Klemen (autor) ; Kjellander, Petter (autor) ; Johansson, Örjan (coaut.) ; LaPoint, Scott D. (coaut.) ; Bayrakçismith, Rana (autor) ; Linnell, John D. C. (autor) ; Zaccaroni, Marco (autor) ; Jorge, Maria Luisa S. P. (autora) ; Oshima, Júlia Emi Faria (autora) ; Songhurst, Anna C. (autora) ; Fischer, Claude (autor) ; Mc Bride, R. T. (coaut.) ; Thompson, J. J. (coaut.) ; Streif, S. (coaut.) ; Sandfort, Robin (autor) ; Bonenfant, Christophe (autor) ; Drouilly, Marine (autora) ; Klapproth, Matthias (autor) ; Zinner, D. (coaut.) ; Yarnell, R. (coaut.) ; Stronza, A. (coaut.) ; Wilmott, L. (coaut.) ; Meisingset, E. (coaut.) ; Thaker, M. (coaut.) ; Vanak, A. T. (coaut.) ; Nicoloso, S. (coaut.) ; Graeber, R. (coaut.) ; Said, S. (coaut.) ; Boudreau, M. R. (coaut.) ; Devlin, A. (coaut.) ; Hoogesteijn, R. (coaut.) ; May Junior, J.A. (coaut.) ; Nifong, J. C. (coaut.) ; Odden, J. (coaut.) ; Quigley, H. B. (coaut.) ; Tortato, F. (coaut.) ; Parker, D. M. (coaut.) ; Caso, A. (coaut.) ; Perrine, J. (coaut.) ; Tellaeche, C. (coaut.) ; Zieba, F. (coaut.) ; Zwijacz Kozica, T. (coaut.) ; Appel, C. L. (coaut.) ; Axsom, I. (coaut.) ; Bean, W. T. (coaut.) ; Cristescu, B. (coaut.) ; Périquet, S. (coaut.) ; Teichman, K. J. (coaut.) ; Karpanty, S. (coaut.) ; Licoppe, A. (coaut.) ; Menges, V. (coaut.) ; Black, K. (coaut.) ; Scheppers, T. L. (coaut.) ; Schai Braun, S. C. (coaut.) ; Azevedo, F. C. (coaut.) ; Lemos, F. G. (coaut.) ; Payne, A. (coaut.) ; Swanepoel, L. H. (coaut.) ; Weckworth, B. V. (coaut.) ; Berger, A. (coaut.) ; Bertassoni, A. (coaut.) ; McCulloch, G. (coaut.) ; Šustr, P. (coaut.) ; Athreya, V. (coaut.) ; Bockmuhl, D. (coaut.) ; Casaer, J. (coaut.) ; Ekori, A. (coaut.) ; Melovski, D. (coaut.) ; Richard Hansen, C. (coaut.) ; Van De Vyver, D. (coaut.) ; Reyna Hurtado, Rafael Ángel (autor) ; Robardet, E. (coaut.) ; Selva, N. (coaut.) ; Sergiel, A. (coaut.) ; Farhadinia, M. S. (coaut.) ; Sunde, P. (coaut.) ; Portas, R. (coaut.) ; Ambarli, H. (coaut.) ; Berzins, R. (coaut.) ; Kappeler, P. M. (coaut.) ; Mann, G. K. (coaut.) ; Pyritz, L. (coaut.) ; Bissett, C. (coaut.) ; Grant, Tandora (autora) ; Steinmetz, R. (coaut.) ; Swedell, L. (coaut.) ; Welch, R. J. (coaut.) ; Armenteras, D. (coaut.) ; Bidder, O. R. (coaut.) ; González, T. M. (coaut.) ; Rosenblatt, A. (coaut.) ; Kachel, S. (coaut.) ; Balkenhol, Niko (autor) ;
Contenido en: PLoS One Vol. 14, no. 5, e0216223 (May 2019), p. 1-26 ISSN: 19326203
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Satellite telemetry is an increasingly utilized technology in wildlife research, and current devices can track individual animal movements at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolutions. However, as we enter the golden age of satellite telemetry, we need an in-depth understanding of the main technological, species-specific and environmental factors that determine the success and failure of satellite tracking devices across species and habitats. Here, we assess the relative influence of such factors on the ability of satellite telemetry units to provide the expected amount and quality of data by analyzing data from over 3,000 devices deployed on 62 terrestrial species in 167 projects worldwide. We evaluate the success rate in obtaining GPS fixes as well as in transferring these fixes to the user and we evaluate failure rates. Average fix success and data transfer rates were high and were generally better predicted by species and unit characteristics, while environmental characteristics influenced the variability of performance. However, 48% of the unit deployments ended prematurely, half of them due to technical failure. Nonetheless, this study shows that the performance of satellite telemetry applications has shown improvements over time, and based on our findings, we provide further recommendations for both users and manufacturers.

Guatemaltecas: the women's movement, 1986-2003 [Libro electrónico] / Susan A. Berger
Berger, Susan A. ;
Austin, Texas, United States : University of Texas Press , c2006
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After thirty years of military rule and state-sponsored violence, Guatemala reinstated civilian control and began rebuilding democratic institutions in 1986. Responding to these changes, Guatemalan women began organizing to gain an active role in the national body politic and restructure traditional relations of power and gender. This pioneering study examines the formation and evolution of the Guatemalan women's movement and assesses how it has been affected by, and has in turn affected, the forces of democratization and globalization that have transformed much of the developing world. Susan Berger pursues three hypotheses in her study of the women's movement. She argues that neoliberal democratization has led to the institutionalization of the women's movement and has encouraged it to turn from protest politics to policy work and to helping the state impose its neoliberal agenda. She also asserts that, while the influences of dominant global discourses are apparent, local definitions of femininity, sexuality, and gender equity and rights have been critical to shaping the form, content, and objectives of the women's movement in Guatemala. And she identifies a counter-discourse to globalization that is slowly emerging within the movement. Berger's findings vigorously reveal the manifold complexities that have attended the development of the Guatemalan women's movement.


Chapter 1. Face-off: Gender, democratization, and globalization
Chapter 2. Inside (and) Out: Home, work, and organizing
Chapter 3. La goma elástica: Codifying and institutionalizing women in postwar Guatemala
Chapter 4. T Is for Tortillera? Sexual minorities and identity politics
Chapter 5. The "Swallow Industries": Flight, consumption, and indigestion
Chapter 6. Countering discourse: Toward resistance

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The International School of Climatology of the "Ettore Majo­ rana Centre for Scientific Culture" at Erice was founded in 1979, with the aim of organising advanced courses and highly specialized seminars on current problems in the field of climatology. The first course, in March 1980, was devoted to climatic varia­ tions and variability, the understanding of which lies at the roots of modern climatological research. The publicity given to recent extremes of climate, which have had serious consequences for local populations, has led to an increased awareness of the practical importance of researching the causes and nature of climatic changes on all temporal and spatial scales. In recent decades it has become apparent that man himself is capable, mostly through industrial and agricultural activities, of causing climatic perturbations on both the local and global scales. Although these influences are as yet difficult to detect, it is clear that increasing release of C02 through the expanding use of fossil fuels for energy production is one activity that could lead to significant climatic change. Indeed, by this means, energy use has the potential of being the major influence on climate over the next century, so the choice of this aspect of climate-ener­ gy interactions as the topic of the Second Course of the Interna­ tional School of Climatology was an obvious one. It took place from 16 - 26 July, 1982.