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Foundations of wildlife diseases / Richard G. Botzler and Richard N. Brown
Botzler, Richard George (autor) (1942-) ; Brown, Richard Neal (autor) (1958-) ;
Oakland, California, United States : University of California Press , c2014
Clasificación: 639.964 / B6
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ECO040007094 (Disponible)
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Foundations of Wildlife Diseases is a comprehensive overview of the basic principles that govern the study of wildlife diseases. The authors integrate theoretical foundations with a thorough examination of the factors that can affect the health and fitness of animals. They include specific information on a wide array of infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, arthropods, fungi, protista, and helminths, as well as immunity to these agents. Also provided is a foundation for the study of noninfectious diseases, cancers, and prion diseases that affect wildlife. Supporting students, faculty, and researchers in areas related to wildlife management, biology, and veterinary sciences, this volume fills an important gap in wildlife disease resources, focusing on mammalian and avian wildlife while also considering reptiles and amphibians. Foundations of Wildlife Diseases provides students with a structure for thinking about and understanding infective agents and their interactions with wildlife. Each chapter includes an outline, select definitions and concepts, an overview and summary, and literature cited.


1. Introduction
2. Introduction to Immunity
3. Nematodes, Acanthocephala, Pentastomes and Leeches
4. Flatworms: Trematodes and Cestodes
5. The Parasitic Insects, Mites and Ticks
6. Kingdom Protista
7. Kingdom Fungi
8. Introduction to Non-Eukaryotic Agents
9. Eubacteria
10. Viral Diseases Of Wildlife
11. Special Topics
12. Summary and Future Directions
Appendix One
Appendix Two