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Food in early life stages of Dosidicus gigas (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) from the Gulf of California, Mexico
Camarillo Coop, Susana ; Salinas Zavala, César Augusto (coaut.) ; Lavaniegos Espejo, Bertha Eugenia (coaut.) ; Markaida Aburto, Unai (coaut.) ;
Contenido en: Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom Vol. 93, no. 07 (November 2013), p. 1903-1910 ISSN: 0025-3154
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The digestive system of 36 paralarvae and 150 juvenile Dosidicus gigas were analysed to determine the diet. The early life stages were collected in the central and south region of the Gulf of California during different years and ranged in dorsal mantle length (ML) from 2.8 to 120.5 mm. The food content was separated first into identifiable material (IM) and non-identifiable material (NIM). All paralarvae contained only NIM stored mainly in the caecum rather than stomach. Juvenile squid feed on nine different prey types: euphausiids, copepods, amphipods, unidentified crustaceans, fishes, cephalopods, pteropods, bivalves and polychaetes. The IM were found mainly in the stomachs of juveniles with increasing number and diversity of prey in a function of increasing squid body size. In fact, juveniles from 60 to 120 mm ML had high stomach fullness percentages in half full and completely full stomachs suggesting improvement of swimming and hunting behaviour as they grow.

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Studies of the jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas d´Orbigny, 1835) in Mexico: fishery, ecology and climate
Salinas Zavala, César Augusto (autor) ; Camarillo Coop, Susana (autora) ; Mejia Rebollo, Arminda (autora) ; Rosas Luis, Rigoberto (autor) ; Ramos Castillejos, Jorge (autor) ; Ramírez Rojo, R. (coaut.) ; Arizmendi Cárdenas, Diana (autora) ; Bazzino, Gastón (autor) ; Dimaté Velázquez, N. (coaut.) ; Markaida Aburto, Unai (autor) ;
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Contenido en: The role of squid in open ocean ecosystems / Robert J. Olson, Jock W. Young (editores) Honolulu, Hawaii, United States : Report of a GLOBEC-CLIOTOP/PFRP Workshop, 2006 p. 35-41
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