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We analyzed the structure and taxonomic diversity of amphibian communities in a forest-fragmented landscape in central Mexico. Our study was undertaken in remnants of native tropical evergreen forest (TEF), shaded coffee plantations (SCP), and pastures (PAS) to assess richness, turnover, and taxonomic diversity of species among these environments. Our results show a decrease in the number of species from the native forest to the transformed environments. Similarity in species composition was higher between TEF and SCP, and between SCP and PAS. In TEF, we recorded a greater proportion of species of conservation concern at the national and global levels. Many of the species recorded in SCP and PAS may occur in TEF, but TEF holds species requiring conserved environments. Additional studies are needed at a local level to understand the effects of land-cover transformations and the interactions between native vegetation and its surrounding matrix to define appropriate management plans and conservation strategies for highly sensitive biological groups, such as the amphibians.