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Reduced dry season transpiration is coupled with shallow soil water use in tropical montane forest trees
Muñoz Villers, Lyssette Elena ; Holwerda, Friso (coaut.) ; Alvarado Barrientos, María Susana (coaut.) ; Geissert, Daniel R. (coaut.) ; Dawson, Todd E. (coaut.) ;
Contenido en: Oecologia Vol. 188, no. 1 (September 2018), p. 303-317 ISSN: 1432-1939
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Tropical montane cloud forests (TMCF) are ecosystems particularly sensitive to climate change; however, the effects of warmer and drier conditions on TMCF ecohydrology remain poorly understood. To investigate functional responses of TMCF trees to reduced water availability, we conducted a study during the 2014 dry season in the lower altitudinal limit of TMCF in central Veracruz, Mexico. Temporal variations of transpiration, depth of water uptake and tree water sources were examined for three dominant, brevi-deciduous species using micrometeorological, sap flow and soil moisture measurements, in combination with oxygen and hydrogen stable isotope composition of rainfall, tree xylem, soil and stream water. Over the course of the dry season, reductions in crown conductance and transpiration were observed in canopy species (43 and 34%, respectively) and mid-story trees (23 and 8%), as atmospheric demand increased and soil moisture decreased. Canopy species consistently showed more depleted isotope values compared to mid-story trees. However, MixSIAR Bayesian model results showed that the evaporated (enriched) soil water pool was the main source for trees despite reduced soil moisture. Additionally, while increases in tree water uptake from deeper to shallower soil water sources occurred, concomitant decreases in transpiration were observed as the dry season progressed. A larger reduction in deep soil water use was observed for canopy species (from 79 ± 19 to 24 ± 20%) compared to mid-story trees (from 12 ± 17 to 10 ± 12%). The increase in shallower soil water sources may reflect a trade-off between water and nutrient requirements in this forest.

Por el fortalecimiento de la investigación y proyección del CENIDERCAFÉ
Reunión del PIDRCAFÉ/CRUO/CENIDERCAFÉ 2002 (2002) ;
Huatusco, Veracruz, México : Universidad Autónoma Chapingo. Centro Regional Universitario Oriente :: Centro Nacional para la Investigación y el Desarrollo de las Regiones Cafetaleras , 2002
Clasificación: 633.73 / R48
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