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*En hemeroteca, SIBE-San Cristóbal, SIBE-Tapachula
Interrelationships among landscapes, ndvi and stream water quality in the U.S. central plains
Griffith, Jerry A. ; Martinko, Edward A. (coaut.) ; Whistler, Jerry L. (coaut.) ; Price, Kevin P. (coaut.) ;
Contenido en: Ecological Applications Vol. 12, no. 6 (December 2002), p. 1702-1718 ISSN: 1051-0761
Bibliotecas: San Cristóbal , Tapachula
SIBE San Cristóbal
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SIBE Tapachula
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Nota: En hemeroteca, SIBE-San Cristóbal, SIBE-Tapachula

Distribution and conservation of birds of northern Central America
Peterson, A. Townsend ; Escalona Segura, Griselda (coaut.) ; Griffith, Jerry A. (coaut.) ;
Clasificación: AR/598.29728 / P4
Contenido en: The Wilson Bulletin Vol. 110, no. 4 (December, 1998), p. 534-543
Bibliotecas: Campeche
SIBE Campeche
ECO040001679 (Disponible)
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Patterns of distribution, diversity, and endemism in the birds of northern Central America were analyzed based on 541 avian species in 24 biotic regions. Many contrasts were apparent. For example, whereas species richness was concentrated in the Atlantic lowlands, with the Pacific lowlands, interior valleys, montane areas, and the Yucatan Peninsula less diverse; species endemic to the entire region were concentrated in the mountains and in the Yucatan Peninsula. Geographic patterns of endemism presented contrasts depending on the spatial scale of analysis. In contrast to overall patterns, species narrowly endemic to single geographic units were concentrated along the Pacific Coast of Chiapas and in southern Veracruz. Conservation implications of these results were explored using complementarity algorithms, producing ordered regional priority lists for the creation of optimal reserve systems. Finally, a plan of action for the study and conservation of avian diversity in northern Central America is outlined, including elements of basic inventory, systematics, and geographic analysis.