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The principles of transdisciplinary research in small-scale fisheries
Said, Alicia ; Chuenpagdee, Ratana (coaut.) ; Aguilar Perera, Alfonso (coaut.) ; Arce Ibarra, Ana Minerva (coaut.) ; Bahadur Gurung, Tek (coaut.) ; Bishop, Bonnie (coaut.) ; Léopold, Mare (coaut.) ; Márquez Pérez, Ana Isabel (coaut.) ; Gomes de Mattos, Sérgio M. (coaut.) ; Pierce, Graham J. (coaut.) ; Nayak, Prateep K. (coaut.) ; Jentoft, Svein (coaut.) ;
Contenido en: Transdisciplinarity for small-scale fisheries governance. Analysis and practice Switzerland : Springer-Mare Publications Series, 2018 página 411-431 ISBN:978-3-319-94937-6
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Governability of fisheries and aquaculture: theory and applications / Maarten Bavinck, Ratana Chuenpagdee, Svein Jentoft, Jan Kooiman, editors
Bavinck, Maarten (ed.) ; Chuenpagdee, Ratana (coed.) ; Jentoft, Svein (coed.) ; Kooiman, Jan (coed.) ;
Dordrecht : Springer Science , c2013
Clasificación: 338.372 / G6
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ECO040005535 (Disponible)
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Following in the footsteps of the book Fish for Life – Interactive Governance for Fisheries (Kooiman et al., 2005), and the interdisciplinary approach it presents, this volume illustrates the contribution of interactive governance theory to understanding core fisheries and aquaculture challenges. These challenges are invariably linked to broader concerns such as ecosystem health, social justice, sustainable livelihoods and food security. The central concept in this perspective is governability – the varied capacity to govern fisheries and aquaculture systems sustainably. Many of these systems are characterized by problems that are inherently 'wicked' and therefore difficult to address. The authors of this edited volume argue that responses to such problems must consider context; specifically the character of the fisheries and aquaculture systems themselves, their institutional conditions, and the internal and external interactions that affect them. Drawing on a diverse set of international experiences, the volume offers a new lens and systematic approach to analysing the nature of governance problems and opportunities in fisheries and aquaculture, exploring pressing challenges and identifying potential solutions. ”It now seems clear that the crisis in the world’s fisheries [is] a much larger and more complex problem than many had imagined. Yet, examining it through the lens of governability may offer the best hope for alleviating it--as well as alleviating similar crises in other social systems.”


Part I Introducing Governability
1 Governability - New Directions in Fisheries Governance
2 Theorizing Governability - The Interactive Governance Perspective
Part II Meta Concerns
3 Concerns and Problems in Fisheries and Aquaculture - Exploring Governability
4 Social Justice in the Context of Fisheries - A Governability Challenge
5 Livelihoods in the Context of Fisheries - A Governability Challenge
6 Food Security in the Context of Fisheries and Aquaculture - A Governability Challenge
7 Ecosystem Health in the Context of Fisheries and Aquaculture - A Governability Challenge
Part III Thematic Applications
8 Applying the Governability Concept in Fisheries - Explorations from South Asia
9 Poverty in Lake Victorian Fisheries - Understanding Governability
10 South Indian Trawl Fisheries - Assessing Their Governability
11 Salmon Aquaculture in Canada and Norway - Appraising Governability
12 Marine Protected Areas in the Canary Islands - Improving Their Governability
13 Gender in Galician Shell-Fisheries: Transforming for Governability
Part IV Methodological Approaches
14 Approaches and Tools for Examining Governability
15 The Damage Schedule Approach
16 A Network Perspective on Governing Interactions
17 Working with Principles and Visions
Part V Future Prospects
18 Assessing Governability - What's Next
19 Improving Governability - Reflections for Future Applications
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Examines the implications of common market integration, privatized resource management, and small business development policies for fishery-dependent communities in terms of long-term sustainability and participatory democracy.