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Biofilms in bioremediation: current research and emerging technologies / edited by Gavin Lear
Disponible en línea: Biofilms in bioremediation: current research and emerging technologies.
Lear, Gavin (ed.) ;
Norfolk, UK : Caister Academic Press , c2016
Clasificación: 579.17 / B5
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ECO020013555 (Disponible)
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The microbial bioremediation of contaminants is cost effective and reliable and a number of approaches are in widespread commercial use. Microbial bioremediation makes use of the metabolic activities of biofilm-dwelling microorganisms which are responsible for the majority of pollutant degradation in natural environments. In this book, renowned scientists from around the world provide up-to-date and authoritative reviews of the latest scientific research that has contributed to our understanding of the vital importance of microbial biofilms for the biological remediation of contaminated environments. The results of a variety of key case studies are presented to highlight the broad range of treatment approaches and applications at our disposal. In addition, the authors discuss the future trends and likely growth areas in biofilm-related research. This comprehensive volume is indispensable for anyone involved in bioremediation, biofilm research or environmental microbiology. It is also recommended as a reference work for all microbiology libraries.

Microbial biofilms: current research and applications / edited by Gavin Lear and Gillian D. Lewis
Lear, Gavin (ed.) ; Lewis, Gillian D. (coed.) ;
Norfolk, UK. : Caister Academic Press , c2012
Clasificación: 579.17 / M5
Bibliotecas: Tapachula
SIBE Tapachula
ECO020013195 (Disponible)
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In this book, leading scientists provide an up-to-date review of the latest scientific research on these fascinating microbial communities and predict future trends and growth areas in biofilm-related research. Under the expert guidance of the editors Gavin Lear and Gillian Lewis, authors from around the world have contributed critical reviews on the most topical aspects of current biofilm research. Subjects covered include quorum sensing and social interactions in microbial biofilms, biofilms in disease, plant-associated biofilms, biofilms in the soil, applications in bioremediation, biofilms in wastewater treatment, corrosion and fouling, aquatic biofilms, microbial fuel cells, and catalytic biofilms. The book is essential for everyone interested in biofilms and their applications. It is also highly recommended for environmental microbiologists, soil scientists, medical microbiologists, bioremediation experts and microbiologists working in biocorrosion, biofouling, biodegradation, water microbiology, quorum sensing and many other areas.


List of Contributors
1 Quorum Sensing and Social Interactions in Microbial Biofilms
2 Biofilms in Disease
3 The Ecological Significance of Plant-associated Biofilms
4 An Invisible Workforce: Biofilms in the Soil
5 Biofilms: Applications in Bioremediation
6 Biofilms in Wastewater Treatment Systems
7 Corrosion and Fouling
8 Biofilms in Freshwater: Their Importance for the Maintenance and Monitoring of Freshwater Health
9 Extracellular Enzymes in Aquatic Biofilms: Microbial Interactions Vs Water Quality Effects in the Use of Organic Matter
10 Energy from Slime? Power from Microbial Fuel Cells
11 Catalytic Biofilms: a Powerful Concept for Future Bioprocesses