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Reproduction and population structure of Octopus mimus fished in a Marine Protected Area of Ecuador
Markaida Aburto, Unai ; Flores, Luis (coaut.) ; Arias, Evelyn (coaut.) ; Mora, Elba (coaut.) ;
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Contenido en: Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom Vol. 98, no. 6 (2018), p. 1383–1389 ISSN: 1469-7769
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Octopus mimus is the main octopus targeted by the small-scale fishery in the Eastern Pacific. Commercial catches of octopus from the Reserva de Producción Faunística Marino-Costera Puntilla de Santa Elena (REMACOPSE) Marine Protected Area in Ecuador were sampled from July to December 2013 in order to describe the reproduction and population structure of this octopus. The 4171 sampled octopuses ranged from 56 to 250 mm in mantle length (ML) and 45 to 3178 g in body weight (BW). Mean octopus weight did not change monthly. Males were mostly mature while the majority of females were immature. Presence of some mature and a few spent females in all months sampled suggests that the population shows an extended spawning period. No spawning peak could be properly defined. Sex ratios did not significantly shift from the expected 1:1 in most samples. Females mature at a larger size (1234 g, BW; 165 mm, ML) than males (487 g BW; 114 mm ML). We recommend considering a minimum legal size of 1200 g BW. A year-long sampling programme for O. mimus should also be completed in order to detect any spawning peak.

Genetic evidence of the presence of Octopus mimus in the artisanal fisheries of octopus in Santa Elena Peninsula, Ecuador
Pliego Cárdenas, Ricardo ; Flores, Luis (coaut.) ; Markaida Aburto, Unai (coaut.) ; Barriga Sosa, Irene de los Ángeles (coaut.) ; Mora, Elba (coaut.) ; Arias, Evelyn (coaut.) ;
Contenido en: American Malacological Bulletin Vol. 34, no. 1 (June 2016), p. 51-55 ISSN: 2162-2698
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The geographic distribution of Octopus mimus Gould, 1852 is unclear, as most records are restricted to coastal localities of Peru and Chile, and some references have mentioned its presence off Central America. It is unknown whether this octopus is found off Ecuador as two previous unpublished records have suggested. The aim of the present study is to identify genetically the main octopus captured in a marine protected area known as Reserva de Produccion Faunistica Marino-Costera Puntilla de Santa Elena (REMACOPSE) off the Santa Elena peninsula, Ecuador. Samples collected from the local fishery were used to test the presence of this species based on the sequences of three mitochondrial markers and using a Bayesian approach. The phylogenetic analysis confirms that O. mimus inhabits the REMACOPSE. The results also indicate that the octopus specimens captured in the fishery from this marine protected area, are more closely related to O. mimus specimens from Central America than those from South America. The genetic identification of two groups of O. mimus could be associated with the different marine environmental conditions of the two biogeographic provinces. The finding in this study represents an important step for posterior research on the biology and fishery of octopus in Ecuador.