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Female access and diet affect insemination success, senescence and the cost of reproduction in the male Mexican fruit fly Anastrepha ludens
Harwood, James F. (autor) ; Chen, Kehui (autor) ; Liedo Fernández, Pablo (autor) ; Müller, Hans Georg (autor) ; Wang, Jane Ling (autor) ; Morice, Amy E. (autor) ; Carey, James R. (autor) ;
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Contenido en: Physiological Entomology Vol. 40, no. 1 (Mar 2015), p. 65-71 ISSN: 1365-2311
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Hypotheses exploring the influence of dietary conditions on the life-history trade-off between survival and reproductive success are extensively tested in female insects but only rarely explored in males. The present study examines the impact of dietary quality and female access on age-specific reproduction and survival of the male Mexican fruit fly Anastrepha ludens Loew (Diptera: Tephritidae). There is a clear cost of female access for males with access to dietary protein, measurable as a decrease in life expectancy, which is further influenced by the age when females are introduced. A protein deficient diet reduces the lifespan benefit of virginity and masks the detrimental effect of female access on male life expectancy. Dietary protein is not necessary for reproductive success, although access to protein at eclosion improves the lifetime reproductive success of males compared to when it is delayed. Overall, reproductive success diminishes as the male flies age, regardless of the dietary conditions, providing evidence for reproductive senescence in males. Delaying the males' access to a protein source fails to influence the negative effect of age on reproductive ability. Because age-specific reproductive rates decline with age, regardless of diet, male fitness does not benefit from lifespan extension. Therefore, males can be expected to allocate available resources towards reproductive effort in favour of an extended lifespan, regardless of mate and protein availability.