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Macrofaunal assemblages from two low-energy sandy beaches within contrasting salinity environments in Northeastern Cuba
Ocaña Borrego, Frank Alberto (autor) ; Mouso Batista, Martha M. (autora) ; Hernández Ávila, Iván (autor) ;
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Contenido en: Regional Studies in Marine Science Volumen 40, número 101484 (2020), páginas 1-8 ISSN: 2352-4855
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Low energy sheltered beaches occur in a wide range of coastal environments. Invertebrate macrofaunal assemblages for this beach type have been less studied compared with those at exposed sandy beaches. An estuarine and a reef-fringed beach in northeastern Cuba were sampled to assess the effects of freshwater input on the intertidal assemblages, and to describe the spatial zonation at both beach types. A total of 13 species were recorded; species richness between beaches was similar with ten species at the estuarine beach and nine species at the reef-fringed beach. Salinity and swash width differed significantly between the two beaches. Macrofaunal assemblages also differed between beaches, and the differences persisted overtime. Moreover, salinity and swash width resulted in relevant predictors for differences in macrofaunal composition. Species were clustered in twomain cross-shore zones corresponding with the resurgence and the retention zones. These findings contribute to the understanding of factors affecting macrofaunal communities in sandy beaches that have been under-represented in global studies. In addition, this study contributes to the knowledge of the structure and composition of macrofaunal assemblages in the less well studied beaches of Cuba.