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From the worm in a bottle of Mezcal: iDNA confirmation of a leech parasitizing the Antillean manatee
Pérez Flores, Jonathan Sechaly ; Rueda Calderon, H. (coaut.) ; Kvist, S. (coaut.) ; Siddall, M.E. (coaut.) ; Oceguera Figueroa, Alejandro (coaut.) ;
Contenido en: Journal of Parasitology Vol. 102, no. 5 (Oct. 2016), p. 553-555 ISSN: 1937-2345
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Invertebrate-derived ingested DNA (iDNA) is quickly proving to be a valuable, non-invasive tool for monitoring vertebrate species of conservation concern. Using the DNA barcoding locus, we successfully identified both the blood-feeding leech Haementeria acuecueyetzin and its blood meal-the latter is shown to be derived from the Caribbean manatee, Trichechus manatus . DNA amplification was successful despite the fact that the specimen was fixed in Mezcal (a beverage distilled from agave). We report the first confirmed case of a leech feeding on a manatee, the first record of H. acuecueyetzin for the State of Chiapas and, to our knowledge, the first case of successful DNA amplification of a biological sample fixed in Mezcal other than the caterpillar "worms" more commonly found in that beverage.