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Community action for conservation: mexican experiences / Luciana Porter Bolland, Isabel Ruiz Mallén, Claudia Camacho Benavides, Susannah McCandless, editors
Porter Bolland, Luciana (ed.) ; Ruiz Mallén, Isabel (coed.) ; Camacho Benavides, Claudia (coed.) ; McCandless, Susannah (coed.) ;
New York : Springer , 2013
Clasificación: 333.95160972 / C6
Bibliotecas: Chetumal
SIBE Chetumal
ECO030007889 (Disponible)
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This book provides an in-depth analysis on community conservation in Mexico. The volume explores vivid examples and case studies that illustrate some of the critical issues at stake, including the participation of local communities in national and global conservation, indigenous and local perceptions of conservation initiatives in Southern Mexico, and challenges in ICCA governance and ecotourism. The book also reviews methodological approaches for understanding and strengthening community conservation, touching upon such topics as community-based biodiversity monitoring and tools for understanding children's perceptions of community conservation.


1 Introduction: Biocultural Diversity and the Participation of Local Communities in National and Global Conservation
Part I A General Approach to the Context of Community-Based Conservation
2 Community Conservation and Ethnoecology: The Three Dimensions of Local-Level Biodiversity Maintenance
3 Conservation and Forest Communities in Mexico: Experiences, Visions, and Rights
Part II Case Studies of Community Conservation
4 Community Conservation Experiences in Three Ejidos of the Lower Balsas River Basin, Michoacán
5 Challenges in ICCA Governance: The Case of El Cordon del Retén in San Miguel Chimalapa, Oaxaca
6 Local Perceptions of Conservation Initiatives in the Calakmul Region
7 Community Conservation in Punta Laguna: A Case of Adaptive Ecotourism Management
Part III Methodological Aspects for Understanding and Strengthening Community Conservation
8 Local Participation in Community Conservation: Methodological Contributions
9 Community-Based Biodiversity Monitoring in Mexico: Current Status, Challenges, and Future Strategies for Collaboration with Scientists
10 Drawing Analysis: Tools for Understanding Children’s Perceptions of Community Conservation
11 Conclusions