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Maize races on functional and nutritional quality of tejate: a maize-cacao beverage
González Amaro, Rosa María ; Figueroa Cárdenas, Juan de Dios (coaut.) ; Perales Rivera, Hugo Rafael (coaut.) ; Santiago Ramos, David (coaut.) ;
Contenido en: LWT - Food Science and Technology ISSN: 0023-6438
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Tejate is a Mesoamerican beverage made mainly with maize-cacao. Despite the economic importance of tejate in Oaxaca and Southwest US, the characteristics that maize should have for good quality tejate are not well known. The aim was to evaluate the native races of maize commonly used in tejate preparation. Tejate showed excellent source of minerals (Ca, Fe, Zn, K, Mg, P), where white Bolita maize showed higher levels. Starch annealing during nixtamalization with wood ashes showed that white Bolita produced a tejate with higher resistant starch type 5 (RS5) and the greatest consistency (1146 cP) compared with the other maize landraces. X-ray diffraction patterns showed a peak at 4.45 Å of amylose-lipid complex. The white Bolita maize had the highest RS5 in tejate (2.68 g/100g) and low glycemic index (GI 38.21), compared with other tejate samples that ranged from 1.04-2.07 g/100g of RS5, and GI of 23.09-74.46. Tejate consumption maintains blood with normal glucose responses.