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Development of an Ideotype-Based selection tool for native tropical tree breeding by smallholder planters in mexico’s maya forest
Solis Guillén, Isabel ; Chaires Pacheco, Mariana (coaut.) ; Juárez Gómez, Juan (coaut.) ; O’Connor Sánchez, Aileen (coaut.) ; Peña Ramírez, Yuri Jorge Jesús (coaut.) ;
Contenido en: Small-scale Forestry Vol. 16, no. 4 (December 2017), p. 521–534 ISSN: 1873-7854
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Tree planters of the Yucatan peninsula in México are mostly first-generation small-scale forest owners. As a consequence of the lack of a management plan, trees employed for plantations are currently produced without any traceability or genetic improvement protocol, resulting in the reduced quality and heterogeneity of established materials. Recently, the Mexican government published a law to force planters to reverse this situation through the initiation and operation of germplasm management and traceability programs within each physiographic sub-province. Thus, planters located in the “Campeche Karts sub-provenance” now need to select superior trees for plant production, provenance assays, and orchard establishment. As a reference for the improvement goals in this work, we developed a model ideotype tree and qualification tool based on a weight-free selection index to compare trees in established plantations to enable the effective selection of superior trees to be used as seed sources and as a starting population for genetic improvement programs. The tool presented here is easy to use by planters, requiring a very basic computer or smartphone to run a spreadsheet where simple morphometric evaluation are captured, trees are qualified in comparison to the ideotypic values of each parameter with the aid of common field equipment. When this tool was applied to individuals from two different plantations, the qualification methodology ranked the individuals, allowing for the selection of superior trees in a more robust way, in contrast to the use of parameters mostly based on price and driven by wood volume.

Validación y eficacia de métodos de reproducción sexual y asexual de árboles superiores del género Tabebuia en el estado de Campeche / Isabel Solis Guillén
Solis Guillén, Isabel ; Peña Ramírez, Yuri Jorge Jesús (director) ; Dzib Castillo, Benito Bernardo (asesor) ;
Chiná, Campeche, México : Secretaría de Educación Pública, Subsecretaría de Educación Superior, Dirección General de Educación Superior Tecnológica, Tecnológico Nacional de México, Instituto Tecnológico de Chiná , 2014
Clasificación: TE/583.95097263 / S6
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