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Ecological causal assessment / editors: Susan B. Norton, Glenn W. Suter II, Susan M. Cormier
Norton, Susan B. (ed.) (1959-) ; Cormier, Susan M. (coed.) (1954-) ; Suter II, Glenn W. (coed.) ;
Boca Raton, Florida : CRC Press , c2015
Clasificación: 577 / E2
Bibliotecas: Villahermosa
SIBE Villahermosa
ECO050006028 (Disponible)
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Edited by experts at the leading edge of the development of causal assessment methods for more than two decades, Ecological Causal Assessment gives insight and expert guidance on how to identify cause-effect relationships in environmental systems. The book discusses the importance of asking the fundamental question "Why did this effect happen?" before moving on to "How can we fix it?" The book provides a deeper understanding of different philosophical and analytical approaches, and of cognitive tendencies that can lead to errors. It describes formal processes for causal assessment that are particularly helpful when the situation is complex or contentious. It also describes how to approach the analysis of available data and to optimize collection efforts. The text then details a transparent process that helps others replicate results and can be used to convince skeptics that the true cause has been identified. Several detailed case studies show how to apply the process to streams, watersheds, and a terrestrial wildlife population. Causal assessment is a challenging, but endlessly fascinating endeavor. Success requires the persistence to figure things out and solid strategies for using the information that you have and getting more of the right kind of information that you need. This book gives you just that: the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to successfully unravel tough environmental problems and build the knowledge base for effective management solutions.


Part 1 Introduction and Philosophical Foundation
1. Introduction
2. What is a Cause?
3. How Have Causes Been Identified?
4. Characteristics and Evidence of Causation
5. Human Cognition and Causal Assessment
Part 2 Conducting Causal Assessments
6. Our Approach for Identifying Causes
Part 2A Formulating the Problem
7. Defining the Case
8. Listing Candidate Causes
Part 2B Deriving Evidence
9. Case-Specific Observations: Assembling and Exploring Data
10. Case-Specific Observations: Deriving Evidence
11. Regional Observational Studies: Assembling and Exploring Data
12. Regional Observational Studies: Deriving Evidence
13. Regional Observational Studies: Addressing Confounding
14. Assessment-Specific Field Study Designs and Methods
15. Laboratory Experiments and Microcosms
16. Mesocosm Studies
17. Symptoms, Body Burdens, and Biomarkers
18. Simulation Models
Part 2C Forming Conclusions and Using the Findings
19. Forming Causal Conclusions
20. Communicating the Findings
21. After the Causal Assessment: Using the Findings
Part 3 Case Studies
22. Causal Assessment in a Complex Urban Watershed—The Long Creek Case Studyn
23. The Clear Fork Watershed Case Study: The Value of State Monitoring Programs
24. The Northern River Basins Study and the Athabasca River: The Value of Experimental Approaches in a Weight-of-Evidence Assessment
25. Applying CADDIS to a Terrestrial Case: San Joaquin Kit Foxes on an Oil Field
List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

Species sensitivity distributions in ecotoxicology / edited by Leo Posthuma, Glenn W. Suter II, Theo P. Traas
Posthuma, Leo. (ed.) ; Suter II, Glenn W. (coed.) ; Traas, Theo P. (coed.) ;
Boca Raton, Florida : CRC Press LLC , c2002
Clasificación: 577.27 / S7
Bibliotecas: Villahermosa
SIBE Villahermosa
ECO050000524 (Disponible)
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Ecological risk assessment for contaminated sites / Glenn W. Suter II, Rebecca A. Efroymson, Bradley E. Sample, Daniel S. Jones
Suter II, Glenn W. ; Efroymson, Rebecca A. (coaut.) ; Sample, Bradley E. (coaut.) ;
CRC Press LLC : Boca Raton, Florida , c2000
Clasificación: 628.50287 / S9
Bibliotecas: Villahermosa
SIBE Villahermosa
ECO050000297 (Disponible)
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Ecological risk assessment / editor and principal author Glenn W. Suter II ; contributing authors: Lawrence W. Barnthouse ... [et al.]
Suter, Glenn W. (ed.) ; Barnthouse, Lawrence W. (coed.) ; Bartell, Steven M. (coed.) ; Mil, Theodore (coed.) ;
Boca Raton, Florida : CRC Press , c1993
Clasificación: 304.28 / S98
Bibliotecas: Villahermosa
SIBE Villahermosa
ECO050002360 (Disponible)
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