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The turtles of Mexico: land and freshwater forms / John M. Legler and Richard Carl Vogt
Legler, John M. ; Vogt, Richard Carl (coaut.) ;
Berkeley, California : University of California Press , 2013
Clasificación: 597.920972 / L4
Bibliotecas: Chetumal , San Cristóbal
SIBE Chetumal
ECO030008167 (Disponible)
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SIBE San Cristóbal
ECO010006414 (Disponible)
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The Turtles of Mexico is the first comprehensive guide to the biology, ecology, evolution, and distribution of more than fifty freshwater and terrestrial turtle taxa found in Mexico. Legler and Vogt draw on more than fifty years of fieldwork to elucidate the natural history of these species. The volume includes an extensive introduction to turtle anatomy, taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography, and physiology. A key to the turtles of Mexico is included along with individual species accounts featuring geographic distribution maps and detailed color illustrations. Specific topics discussed for each species include habitat, diet, feeding behavior, reproduction, predators, parasites, growth and ontogeny, sexual dimorphism, growth rings, economic use, conservation, legal protection, and taxonomic studies. This book is a complete reference for scientists, conservationists, and professional and amateur enthusiasts who wish to study Mexican turtles.


Turtles: A Paradigm of Variability, Venerability, and Vulnerability
Materials and Methods Used for This Book
Structure and Function
Natural History
Turtles, Humans, and Research
Field and Laboratory Techniques
Modern Taxonomic Studies and Techniques
Accounts of Taxonomic Groups
A Key to the Families and Genera of Mexican Chelonians (Excluding the Sea Turtles)
Superfamily Trionychoidea
Family Dermatemydidae
Family Kinosternidae
Family Trionychidae
Subfamily Trionychinae
Superfamily Testudinoidea
Family Testudinidae
Family Emydidae
Family Geoemydidae
Superfamily Chelydroidea
Family Chelydridae
Literature Cited

Historia natural de Los Tuxtlas / editores: Enrique González Soriano, Rodolfo Dirzo, Richard C. Vogt
González Soriano, Enrique (editor) ; Dirzo, Rodolfo (editor) ; Vogt, Richard Carl (editor) ;
Distrito Federal, México : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Instituto de Biología , 1997
Clasificación: 500.97262 / H5
SIBE Campeche
ECO040002148 (Disponible)
Disponibles para prestamo: 1
SIBE Chetumal
ECO030002977 (Disponible)
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SIBE San Cristóbal
SAA006755 (Disponible) , SAA005374 (Disponible)
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SIBE Tapachula
ECO020002804 (Disponible)
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SIBE Villahermosa
ECO050004741 (Disponible)
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