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Nature's matrix: linking agriculture, conservation and food sovereignty / Ivette Perfecto, John Vandermeer and Angus Wright
Perfecto, Ivette ; Vandermeer, John (coaut.) ; Wright, Angus (coaut.) ;
London, England : Earthscan Publications Ltd. , 2009
Clasificación: 333.9516 / P44
Bibliotecas: San Cristóbal , Tapachula
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Landscapes are frequently seen as fragments of natural habitat surrounded by a "sea" of agriculture. But recent ecological theory shows that the nature of these fragments is not nearly as important for conservation as is the nature of the matrix of agriculture that surrounds them. Local extinctions from conservation fragments are inevitable and must be balanced by migrations if massive extinction is to be avoided. High migration rates only occur in what the authors refer to as "high quality" matrices, which are created by alternative agroecological techniques, as opposed to the industrial monocultural model of agriculture. The authors, including SNRE Professor Ivette Perfecto, argue that the only way to promote such high quality matrices is to work with rural social movements. Their ideas are at odds with the major trends of some of the large conservation organizations that emphasize targeted land purchases of protected areas. They argue that recent advances in ecological research make such a general approach anachronistic and call, rather, for solidarity with the small farmers around the world who are currently struggling to attain food sovereignty. Nature's Matrix proposes a radically new approach to the conservation of biodiversity based on recent advances in the science of ecology plus political realities, particularly in the world's tropical regions.


List of figures and boxes
List of abbreviations
1 Matrix Matters: An Overview
The Birds of New York and the Coffee of Mesoamerica
The Argument
Towards a New Paradigm
2 The Ecological Argument
The Fundamental Patterns of Biodiversity
Why the Biodiversity Patterns Matter
The Ecological Background to Biodiversity Studies
Ecological Theory and Political Realities
3 The Agricultural Matrix
The Development of Agriculture
The Industrial Model
The Alternative Movement
Natural Systems Agriculture
Biodiversity as it Relates to Agro-ecology
4 The Broad Social Context for Understanding Biodiversity, Conservation and Agriculture
The Importance of the Deep Historical Context
Difficult Socio-political Issues in Practical Conservation Work
Sources of Systematic Bias in Conservation Practice
The Brazilian Amazon: A Case Study in Conservation, Livelihood and Social Movements
The Dependency Trap in Biodiversity Conservation
Grass Roots Social Movements
5 Coffee, Cacao and Food Crops: Case Studies of Agriculture and Biodiversity
Coffee and the Technical Side of Biodiversity
Cacao and Biodiversity: The Historical Development of a Biodiversity Landscape
The Production of Food and the Biodiversity Connection
Agricultural Potential in the Matrix
6 The New Paradigm
Recapping the Ecological Argument
Recapping the Agricultural Argument
Recapping the Social Movement Argument
Putting the Three Arguments Together

The death of Ramón González: the modern agricultural dilemma / Angus Wright
Wright, Angus Lindsay ;
Austin, Texas, United States : University of Texas Press , c2005
Clasificación: 363.17920972 / W7
Bibliotecas: Campeche
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