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Arguments for protected areas: multiple benefits for conservation and use / edited by Sue Stolton and Nigel Dudley
Stolton, Sue (ed.) ; Dudley, Nigel (coed.) ;
London, England : Earthscan Publications Ltd. , 2010
Clasificación: 333.9516 / A7
Bibliotecas: Villahermosa
SIBE Villahermosa
ECO050005409 (Disponible)
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"Most protected areas (e.g.national parks and nature reserves) have been created to protect wildlife and land- and seascape values. They currently cover over 13% of the world's land surface, around 12% of marine coastal areas and 4% of the marine shelf. Retaining and expanding these areas in the future will depend on showing their wider benefits for society. This book provides a concise and persuasive overview of the values of protected areas. Contributing authors from over fifty countries examine a wide range of values that are maintained in protected areas, including food, water and materials; health; tourism; cultural and spiritual values; and buffering capacity against climate change and natural disasters. The book also considers the role of protected areas in poverty reduction strategies, their relationship with traditional and indigenous people and in fostering conflict resolution through peace parks initiatives. The chapters draw on a series of authoritative reports published by WWF over recent years under the "Arguments for Protection" banner, in association with various partners, and on additional research carried out especially for the volume. It analyses the opportunities and limitations of protected areas for supplying the various values along with practical advice for planners and managers about maximising benefits. It provides an important contribution to the debate about the role of protected areas in conservation and other aspects of natural resource management and human livelihoods."


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1. Protected Areas: Linking Environment and Well-Being
2. Vital Sites: Protected Areas Supporting Health and Recreation
Case study 2.1: Protecting Medicinal Resources in Colombia
Case Study 2.2: Parks Victoria (Australia) 'Healthy Parks Healthy People' Initiative
3. Running Pure: Protected Areas Maintaining Purity and Quantity of Urban Water Supplies
Case Study 3.1: Protecting Water Supplies to Caracas, Venezuela
4. Food Stores: Protected Areas Conserving Crop Wild Relatives and Securing Future Food Stocks
Case Study 4.1: Crop Genetic Diversity Protection in Turkey
Case Study 4.2: Conservation of Endangered CWRs in Mexico's Sierra de Manantlán
5. Nursery Tails: Protected Areas Conserving Wild Marine and Freshwater Fish Stocks
Case Study 5.1: Freshwater Fishery Sustainability in Lake Malawi, East Africa
Case Study 5.2: Managing and Monitoring Success: The Story of Tubbataha Reefs, Philippines
6. Natural Security: Protected Areas and Hazard Mitigation
Case Study 6.1: Environmental Degradation and The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004
Case Study 6.2: Restoration and Protection Plan to Reduce Flooding in the Lower Danube
7. Safety Net: Protected Areas Contributing to Human Well-Being
Case Study 7.1: Population-Health-Environment Approaches in Kiunga Marine National Reserve, Kenya
8. Beyond Belief: Linking Faiths and Protected Areas to Support Biodiversity Conservation
Case Study 8.1: The Ancient Sacred Natural Sites in Al Hoceima National Park, Morocco
9. Living Traditions: Protected Areas and Cultural Diversity
Case Study 9.1: Angkor Wat Protected Landscape: Where Culture, Nature and Spirit Meet
Case Study 9.2: Inuit Partnerships in the Torngat Mountains National Park, Canada

10. Diverting Places: Linking Travel, Pleasure and Protection
Case Study 10.1: Managing Tourism in South Korea’s Protected Area System
11. Climate Change: The Role of Protected Areas in Mitigating and Adapting to Change
Case Study 11.1: Protected Areas Helping to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Brazil
12. Making Peace: Protected Areas Contributing to Conflict Resolution
Case Study 12.1: La Amistad Binational Biosphere Reserve in Costa Rica and Panama
13. Nature Conservation: Leaving Space for Biodiversity
Case Study 13.1: One Hundred Years of Conservation Success at Kaziranga National Park, India
14. Precious Places: Getting the Arguments Right